Turkmenistan Carpets

Turkmenistan Carpets When speaking about Turkmenistan Carpets we mean carpets manufactured in some different places like Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, East Turkistan, Afghanistan and Belutchistan. The Turkmenistan Rugs are: Basjir, Salor, Tekke, Tjaudor and...

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Persian Village Rugs

There are hundreds of Persian Villages weaving carpets and rugs all over Iran. Some fine examples of Persian village rugs are: Yallameh which is in...
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Persian Tribal Carpets

The Lors and Baktiars are two Persian Tribal Carpets group who migrate in the Zagros north of the tribes from Fars. They produce rugs and...
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Persian City Carpets

Persian City carpets and rugs are woven in Isfahan, Nain (in the province of Isfahan), Tabriz and Qom. These are all the highest of quality...
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Silk Carpets and Rugs

Most of the Persian silk carpets are made in the city of Qum. They are very carefully and finely knotted. Qum Silk carpets entire...
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Oversize Rugs and Carpets

Oversize Persian carpets are particularly difficult to find. Many larger houses could display an oversize carpet to dramatic effect. In special cases, sourcing particular...

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