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Rugs Cleaning, Restoration and Repair

Rugs Cleaning, Restoration and Repair

For everyday Rugs Cleaning, Restoration and Repair, vacuuming on a light setting will do the best job of removing surface dirt. Moths like natural fibres and prefer dark areas so to help protect against moth and also the fading that can be caused by bright sunlight, lift your rug and turn it occasionally and try to vacuum in the corners, especially under the furniture.

Always protect your rug from legs. Avoid sharp castors or narrow legs and move the furniture around from time to time so the pile doesn’t get damaged.

Always make sure your floor is dry and clean before laying a rug. If you have spillage on your rug always clean the excess dirt or blot the liquid off with a dry cloth immediately, then seek professional advice with a professional that is familiar with hand knotted rugs.

Most stains can be removed depending on how long the stain has been on the rug it will depend on how stubborn the stain is. Do not try to clean the rug yourself it might cause more damage.

Repairs: Rugs that have areas of damage, burns, splits and hols can be repairs of re knotted. Damaged or worn fringes can also be repaired to prevent further damage to the rug.

Storage: If storing your rug always be sure that it is moth proofed first and is not damp. Roll the rug, pile inside, and then seal it in plastic.

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